Who have Experencies with Marantz and MA RX 6?


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Oct 21, 2008
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Isn't the NAD c355/NAD c545/MA rx 6 too bassy? WHF find the C355 gives too much bass and i read here that a few one find this too. I play older rock, metal and pop and hate bright sounds with shrill highs, but find the NAD too bassy and on the bright side. Is a Marantz pm 6004 with the cd 6004 a better choice than the NAD? Has it enough bass and sweet highs and a darker sound?


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May 6, 2005
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I have never heard the PM6004/CD6004 combination with the RX6 sop can't help there, but I have been using (up to recently) a Marantz PM7200KI amp witth a DR6000 cd recorder (so at least the same manufacturer lol!).

I think that the Marantz / RX6 combination sounds great and despite the speakers being fairly close to a rear wall, I don't have a problem with overblown bass.

I guess that my amp is slightly warmer sounding than the PM6004 so I would have thought it would work pretty well with the MA's. I have never really got on with the NAD sound as it always seemed bass heavy to me so can't comment on the combination but I do think it would be easy to overdo the bass side of things on the RX6 if you use electronics that are biased in that direction.

I do think though that the RX6 deserves a better amp than either of the Marantz amps mentioned. My amp has actually died so I am looking for a replacement. It has been suggested to me that the Naim XS would not be overkill considering the source I use. I'm still just getting ideas at the moment though.

If you decide to try it I would be interested in your comments.

Hope this helps (a little)

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I was listening to some amps and speakers yesterday as I wanted to demo the Marantz NA7004

The shop used the Monitor RX6 speakers with the Marantz 7004 and one called Pearl I think and a NAD C356 and Roksan K2. All were very good I thought however the Marantz amps I found quite gentle/reserved if they're the right expressions. Gret sound but a bit timid on the bass and a very smooth sound; like someone had put a sheet over the speakers...

The NAD was excellent, very powerful but the Roksan was the best overall. Great sound and excellent bass; playes some Metallica and Pink Floyd and it was an amazing system I thought