Which USB 3.0 slim external blu ray / DVD drive?

I'm looking for a slim external optical drive to go with the Sony Vaio Pro 13 I've recently ordered. I'm yet to decide if I need a DVD drive or blu ray drive (I do have a decent blu ray collection I'm hoping to rip onto my NAS when Im legally allowed to do so).

Is USB 3.0 significantly faster than 2.0?

Any recommendations?


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Jun 10, 2011
I've got an slim Asus BD writer for my laptop - its £115 but its ultra portable at 15cmx14cm, and uses a Y-adpator to draw power from 2 USB ports.

It supports the news formats like BDXL (up to 100GB/128GB per disc).


Readers are of course much cheaper. USB3 makes no difference to movie playback, although transfer rates are marginally better.

If you're just going to use it for ripping then a cheap reader is fine.

(AnyDVD HD for all your ripping needs)

Can you recommend me a slim blu ray reader? I'm never going to use blu ray burning capabilities.

Just to clarify again, for ripping DVDs & blu rays, is USB 2.0 fast enough?


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