Which Upscaler to use


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I ahve a panasonic plasma 50Gt30 , a Cambridge 751BD Blu Ray Player all joined together by a Denon 4310 amplifier.

They all appear to have upscaling capabilities for DVD .

Anybody hazard a guess as to which one would provide the best quality upscale ?

I presume it's not a good idea to use all three at once :?
You cannot technically use all 3 at once. Once a picture is upscaled by a component, it won't be altered by subsequent components. You cannot further upscale an already upscaled picture.

All 3 are decent upscalers, the CA probably being the best. Why don't you experiment all 3 options & see which one upscales the best?


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Nov 15, 2010
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I was wondering the same thing really.

However I have Sony DA5400es AV amp, Sony 370 Blu Ray player and an old but still very good 720p Toshiba TV 32WLT66 TV.

Im guessing the Sony AV amp would be the best ?

To add to this post - I would like to know how exactly you choose between the three ? What settings should I be looking at ?

Apologies for bumping your post but I still think it is still relevant to those of us not in the know.

Oh and Sky HD - which I nearly forgot to add.


The general rule that I use: source > display > receiver.

The player has the most information about the dimensions of the content; for example, many movies are in 16:10 cinema widescreen format, but the DVD format is PAL (4:3). The player solves this by adding black bars. But once the image leaves the player,these black bars become part of the picture and must be extended/stretched along with the real picture.

Some TVs have the option to remove these bars, but very few upscalers (and certainly not the ones in receivers) have the logic to detect these black bars and cut them automatically. Many receivers do not even have an "aspect zoom" mode: they either stretch the picture (destroying the width/height ratio) or do not zoom at all (giving you a 24" picture in the center of a 40" screen)...