Which TV is the best for Xbox 360 Gaming? LG 32LS575T OR Samsung UE32ES5500


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could really really really help me. I got the new 250GB Xbox 360 for Xmas & I'm looking for a great TV to play it on. After intense research I have narrowed my choice down to these two - LG 32LS575T & Samsung UE32ES5500. Both retail for £349.99 at Curry's in the UK. Now... I will use the TV primarily for gaming, followed by watching movies & then watching HD TV.

1. Which TV (out of the two above) would you suggest is the best in terms of resolution, clarity, colours, refresh rate, hertz, sound & style? Which TV (out of the two above) would you recommend for stunning gaming & watching movies?

2. Which TV has the best Dynamic Contrast Ratio & Local Dimming?

3. The Samsung is also available in 40" & the LG in 42". Would it be better if I got a larger screen size instead of 32" for gaming? However, would this affect gaming in a negative way? For e.g. Slower refresh rate, lag, unclear image due to larger screen etc.

3. Other than the 2 TVs I have listed above, is there any TV you would recommend that is better overall? My budget is around £350.

Thank you soooooo much for your help.

Jai :)


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Jun 9, 2009
Not sure what you want really, 32inch i would go for the samsung you mentioned though the 5000 series which comes does't come with the extras like styling and smart features but you wouldn't need them as you have these features on your xbox

If you go for a larger screen i would go for this


it can be found for less than £350


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