Which speakers for my system?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have an Arcam A75 amplifier and Arcam CD 72 CD player, bought about 4 years ago. I ran the system on my old KEF K120 speakers, but am looking to replace these. The system is in a fairly large room about 4.5m x 6.8 metres.

My budget is £350 to £400. Floor standing or shelf? ( I've got good quality speaker stands). Ideas- Dynaudio Audience 42, B&W 685 or Monitor Audio Bronze BR5. My local Hi-Fi shop is pushing the Dynaudio option, he doesn't rate anything made in China!!!


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Jul 28, 2007
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Oh! May be you would like to tell your local hifi shop that soon he will have no gears left for sale by the look of hifi industry at the moment.
Of your list, I never heard B&W 685 but I have heard a good report. The Dyn with your Arcams is a big no...no. The reason is Dyn stuffs are hard to drive and pretty lifeless at low volume, they need lots of quality watts up them. Don't forget the new Kef floorstand which having a way of a time with great reviews from all over.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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As you've already got good-quality stands, i'd say you have to hear the B&Ws - full review in our current (September) issue.Awesome value for money - you'd have to spend a lot more to hear a better sound, in our opinion.

If you want to switch to floorstanders, try the MA BR5s and the very impressive new KEF iQ5s.

And your hi-fi retailer's comment re China is a sweeping generalisation of the higher order....


was it a dealer in bolton, he said the same to me a few weeks back about china lol


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