which sony bdp blu ray player?


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Aug 10, 2019
Having done enough research (OH says spent more time on this than when we were house hunting) I am out later to buy a blu ray player. Either the Sony BDP S550 or the BDP S760 can process the HD audio onboard as my Arcam AV amp is unable to do this.

I will still be using an Arcam DV137 for cd replay but assume the blu ray player with take care of the rest.

Is the cost difference of around £130.00 worth it as my top budget is £400.00 inc £80.00 for additional interconnects also bearing in mind I only watch on a 37" 720P resoluton LCD tv viewed from around 3m
In terms of picture quality, there's no difference between the two. S760 should be better in decoding HD audio. But, the S550 is 2 years old. The S760 is a new model with built-in wi-fi. I would personally go for a S760.


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