Which Scart and HDmi cable?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Well I have just got my Panasonic 32LXD700 (so far so good) but have found that my scart lead and HDmi cable is just a bit too short so will need to buy replacements! I would appreciate advise as to which I should get please and where to get them from? Not sure about length but suppose I will just have to measure? Would it be better to get ones which are slightly 'too long'?


Of course what cables you buy depends on your budget and what you are attaching to the tv. In terms of HDMI cabling, one of the best cables is the QED HDMI-P (Performance HDMI) which sells for about £45 for one metre from hificables.co.uk. If you wanted a better cable for say a blu-ray player then the Chord HDMI 1.3 Silver Plus will be the cable of choice at £76.00 for 1.5 metre length. There are cheaper HDMI cables available from John Lewis.

For the scart cables I am not quite as sure on which to recommend. I have this exact same tv and use QED P2110 1.0M Sqart Cables (@£27 each from hificables.co.uk). These offer superb pictures from my standard definition sky + box. The problem with these cables is that they are a real sod to get tidy behind an equipment rack as they are about as flexible as an iron pole. Seriously they are absolutely terrible as far as practicality is concerned, I cannot get them to go through my cable tidy at the back of my av stand and also they have the tendency to yank my sky + box off centre on the stand. This is not due to them being too short as there is plenty of lee way in terms of the length, it is due to their bloody awful design (I hope QED read this). I am seriously considering changing these scarts (as I have another between my dvd recorder and sky + box) but am reluctant to do so as the picture they produce is actually stunning. Perhaps the Ixos XHT601 scart might be a better bet if you want something more flexible.

And remember try and buy the shortest cabling possible as the shorter it is the better quality the image and sound will be.


Hopefully Claire/Andrew will be able to give more help on the Scart front including why QED designed the sqart P2210 in the way that they did!!!!!


I'm pleased to say that just by a bit of manouvering the scart and hdmi cable now fit!

I think I may just stick with the Profigold Scart for now as it seems to be good?

Thanks Mark!