Which one Samsung UE46D7/8000 or UE55D7/8000


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Jan 24, 2008
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Hi Folks

Trying to decide what size/model of tv to buy. I know I will have to view the sets before making my final decision, but I thought I would ask some questions first.

There is 2m 97.5 cm (9' 9") between me and the proposed wall mounted tv, possibly less if a wall mount decreases the gap as well. Will this be to short a distance for watching a SD program on either the 46" or 55" tv.

Should I choose one model over the other.

I will also be looking at buying a Blu-Ray player, an AV reciever (plus speakers if none come with reciever), and VESA wall mount. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, more concerned with great 2D quality, rather than 3D and great sound. As this will be a major buy am looking for quality equipment that will be around for a few years, say put a limit of £3K on these items, as I could be spending between £1,300 and £2K on the tv.



Personally i think the 7000's look better but thats down to personal taste, same spec and performance but the 7000's are cheaper!

Would you prefer to buy a all in one home cinema system or get seperates?


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