Which CD Outputs do I use into my new AV Amp?


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Nov 23, 2014
Hi Guys
Just bought a Denon AVRX2200W AV amp and decent Q Acoustics 3000's 5.1 speaker packageI want to use my old but hardly used Marantz CD-63 MKII Signature CD Player with the aboveThe CD player has analogue photo outputs, an optical and a coaxial out, what would give me the best Audio quality connection into the amp, analogue, optical or coaxial?I have bought all different cable types to use anyway, just wanted your opinions


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Oct 16, 2008
The only answer is to try it for yourself and see which you prefer. The marantz should have a very good dac but the newer amp may now match it, if you believe dacs make any difference of course.

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I agree with above..the dac on my cdp got a lot better when i got new pre amp..(before i used as transport thru dac magic into old pre amp) try them all...see what you think? Having a good interconnect from cdp to amp is important..would suggest optical better than cheap co ax...looks like good av amp! Hope this bit helpful..


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Dec 10, 2012
There's possibly more at work here than DAC vs DAC.

I found with my AVR that the digital inputs were better than the analogue inputs, so although the DAC in my CD player may have been arguably better, any advantage was undone by using my AVR's analogue inputs. We're talking shades rather than night and day, but there seemed to be a noticeable improvement when I used my AVR's DAC.

My guess would be that this factor may change as you go up the AVR food chain as their analogue inputs would probably be better, but for "midrange" AVR's like yours and mine, they may have scrimped slightly on these analogue inputs assuming that most people will be using HDMI and the digital inputs anyway.
Your Marantz will have an old single-bit converter DAC and, bearing that in mind, I would assume the way to go would be digital coax out. The Denon has a 24bit/ 192kHz dac.Try this first, if you have the right cable, then if necessary, but a cheap optical cable to try.

However, try it every way possible, you might prefer the DAC in the CD P via analogue phonos.


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