which bluray player to suit my 200 budget


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Aug 10, 2019
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im after a bluray player to replace my ps3. i have a budget of around £200. ive been considering the panansonic bdt210 or bdt310. as these are avail;able in my budget. but ive just seen a ex demo pioneer lx53 and a lx53 for £200. would either of these be better. im not worried about 3d but would like wireless. i currently have a denon avr1911 with mordaunt short ms302 speakers. thanks


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Jan 31, 2011
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Must say that it does depend upon your requirements.

I have the Panasonic 310 3D player and so far so good. Nice player. But for me the 2 HDMI outputs was the main selling point as I have a non 3D capable receiver. I wouldn't have minded the ability to play SACD as the newer Sony players can and I am sure a few other top players probably can, but as I have a next to new dedicated SACD player this was not a burning issue this time. So it depends upon where you emphasis lies. Look at the best players side by side at your budget level and see which gives you what you and your system require. Good luck.


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