Which blu-ray player?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I`m a HD DVD fan but I also now want to reluctantly buy a BLU-RAY player too,for access to more HD titles.Would I be better off buying the new Sharp player for around £300 or the Samsung BDP 1400 for around £230?I know Samsung have a replacement model(bdp 1500) on the way so I may be able to get the 1400 even cheaper in a month or so.As always,the advice would be most appreciated,thanks.


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TBH i would still be following the mags guidelines and wait a while, as the only player that is currently future proof is the PS3. well that is what i will be doing, waiting. If it is on HD DVD i will buy it if not then i will buy the DVD and use one of the 3 upscaling DVD's that i have! Also i reason that there will be better BR players out in the next 5 months.


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