Which Blu Ray player?


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Aug 10, 2019
So I've got my home cinema set up almost complete and now just need to get a Blu Ray player. Current set-up:

Denon 3808 AV receiver, MA 5.1 speaker package: RS8 (front l/r), GSLCR (centre), RS5 (rear l/r) and RSW12 (sub), Pioneer Kuro 50inch (9th gen), XBOX 360 (games and HD DVD.. remember those..??!)

So I'm keen to add a high level performing BD player. Problem is its very confusing at the moment given the different audio formats and LPCM v. bitstream outputting. Guess I need a player that has excellent picture quality and very good upscaling (unless the Denon is better at that and the signal is passed through) as I have a large regular DVD collection, but I'm not too concerned about the audio decoding abilities as I would prefer my Denon to do that - which means I would need a BD player that is capable of outputting bitstream HD audio (all formats). Had been seriously considering the PS3 until I learned it doesn't do this. I'm willing to spend up to £1000 on the player, but don't want something that will be outdated within a year (so will need it to have networking for firmware updates). Is there any advantage in getting a Pioneer player (to match the Pioneer TV)?

Any suggestions please..??



You don't actually always need networking for firmware updates.
For example some like the Panny BDP30 allow you to download a file
from the internet via your PC and burn to a disk and update that way


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