Which Blu-ray player to go with: Q Acoustics 2000 Speakers, Onkyo TX-SR608 Amp?


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Aug 10, 2019

So after some research I think I am going to go with the Q Acoustics 2000 Series 5.1 Speakers and the Onkyo TX-SR608 amp for my new home cinema build.

Can anyone recommend a good Blu-ray player to go with this? Or recommend a different build?

Not very picky but I would like the option to play mkv files through the USB port and preferably have the USB port support NTFS hard disks so I don't have to convert the larger sized mkv files I have on my PC. Unless someone knows a good converter which doesn't jeopardize audio or video quality.

I was all set to buy the Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD Blu-ray player as I have heard some amazing reviews about it. However I read that it doesn't support NTFS hard disks and that 1 or 2 people have had problems playing mkv files (although this may be fixed in the latest firmware update).

Anyone have any suggestions or any advice?



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Dec 28, 2007
I think you'll find very few (if any) Blu-ray players will support NTFS partitions (I don't know of any) - since it's a Microsoft technology, they'd have to license supporting it from Microsoft so most will just utilise FAT32 / Linux file systems as this is free so keeps their production costs down.

Also, the issue with support for MKV files is MKV is just a container - it's the codec used to make the video stream within that container (e.g. DivX or MPEG4) which is crucial to know for playback purposes.


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