Which Amplifier, Blu Ray and Speakers To Buy


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am about to splash some cash on an amplifier, 3d blu ray player and a speaker package. Ideally I would like to have the speakers wireless due to the layout of my L shaped room. I believe the sound gets affected if they are wireless? The speakers I have in mind are the German Teufel column speakers which What Hi-Fi seem to have very little reviews on them. The speakers appear good value for money and come with 12 years guarantee. What is the best alternative to the Teufel column speakers? Possibly wireless. Five star ratings would be ideal. On the Blu-Ray front I am waiting for the Pioneer BDP LX 55 review on What Hi-Fi, looks a good blu ray player or is it worth spending the extra cash on the Denon DBP 2012UD? It is the same with the Amplifiers Onkyo TX NR 609 or the Pioneer VSX LX 55? I want the set up to listen to music as well as watch movies on my Panasonic 3D Plasma TV. Which is the best set up or are there any alternatives? Please help a novice buying my first serious piece of kit.


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Mar 15, 2011
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If you are looking for 'serious' piece of kit wireless migth not be your best option. Not knocking wireless, but I've personally never heard many positive findings about this category of kit, apart from people not having to install speakercables to the rears ofcourse. But the wireless speakers still have to be powered somehow, so cables of some form are (to-date) inevitable. I believe www.techradar.com have reviewed some of Teufel's column speaker packages, so if you haven't been there I suggest you have a peak. Personally I have no experience of that brand but as I understand it they offer you a 6-8 week return-policy if you are not satisfied?

If you want to get the Pioneer BDP-LX55 blu-ray player I would definitely recommend checking out their compatible receivers aswell so you can enjoy jitter-free digital audio of cd's and/or blu-rays (thanks to Pioneers PQLS-function). I believe the VSX-LX55 is compatible. I'm a fan of Denon myself, and I'm sure the BDP-2012D is great, but if I were to choose a Pioneer model I'd match it with a receiver (and vice-versa) for sure. What I personally have experienced with Pioneer sonically in the past is another issue though, but plenty people love them! (it's personal taste!)


Thanks RickyDeg for your comments.

It makes sense to match the Pioneer amplifier with the Pioneer Blu-Ray player for compatibility reasons but I agree with you that the Denon DBP 2012 looks very appealing. You get what you pay for in this world.

Will need to abandon the idea of going wireless with the speakers.

Still not decided on the Speaker package although the Teufel aluminium column speakers do look attractive, nothing to lose from the free trial.

Will check out the Tech Radar website.