Which amp will bring out the best from B&W MT-30 package?


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Aug 10, 2019
I am buying a B&W MT 30 spkr package with the PV 1 subwoofer in 2 weeks. After having read so many countless reviews, am a bit confuseed on which amp pairs best to bring out the best quality from the spkrs. Its my first purchase on a decent spkr system and want to take a professional viewpoint to buy a good amp. My dealer in middle east has suggested integra DTR 20.3 . unfortunately the dealer does not have the options for me to check various options, any views will be much appreciated, thanks

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
How much are you looking to spend?

I run my MT30s from an Onkyo TX-SR875, which was £1000 about 4 years ago.

I can heartily recommend Onkyo (and they seem to get glowing reviews when tested), and think you should look at an NR809 or 1009 if you can afford it. The M1 sats have a fairly low sensitivity (85db/w/m) and benefit from an amp with plenty of grunt.

Just because they're little, don't think you can hook 'em up to a weedy amp!:)
The B&W MT-30 is due to be replaced very soon.

Official response from B&W couple of months ago:

'The replacement Mini Theatres are expected early next year and will be of similar guise and dimensions with improved sonic performance, expect a subtle rise in pricing to the existing systems. The vastly improved PV1 subwoofer will have additional features such as room compensation DSP, preset EQ's and touch control display.'


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Apr 6, 2011
Marantz SR7005 and MM7025 powering the L/R speakers for me...I think this match is pretty good but not fantastic with the MT30 system.


I haven't been able to audition that set...can one of you tell me how the B&W MT-30 is with two-channel music? I have a good AV receiver but my listening is 80 percent music.


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