Which AMP (Onkyo/Denon) for my XBOX360 den!!!....HELP


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, hope you can help a newbie... Just moved house and have at last got my own den for the XBOX360. Room size is 9'6" square, and the system will be mostly for games and the odd standard DVD movie through the 360. Hope to eventually add a PS3 when they bring out some decent games, and then I might venture into BlueRay, etc..... (also got an original XBOX, PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, etc to hook-up). The set-up will be the new Panny 37" LCD and the Q-Acoustics 1010i Home Cinema 5.1 package - now just the amp..... Started off with a choice between the Onkyo 505 and the Denon 1708 - the Denon has been recommended over the Onkyo by a reputable dealer (shop and net dealer).... yet it's the Onkyo that's getting the best reviews - or is this just a "fashion thing" - with Onkyo just the 'in brand' of the moment.... or.... should I spend the extra £100 and go for the Onkyo 605.....??????? or something else around £400 like the Denon 1908....? If I go up to the 605 will this amp be too powerful for the intended speakers.......??? The more I look, the more confused I get....?!!! - HELP and the more expensive it's getting too! Kind regards, Damian .... and thanks to all who reply!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
If you're maybe going Blu-ray and want to be totally futureproofed regarding HD audio formats, the 605 is the one to go for; if not, the 505 will do very nicely indeed.

It's not a fashion thing, just that Onkyo has worked hard to design some top-notch products in an attempt to gain traction in a very competitive market - we'd stick by our Awards to these products.


Thanks for your advice - it looks like I should spend the extra £100 and be done with it...
The Onkyo 605 won't be too powerful for the 1010i speakers will it...?
Once again, many thanks...