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Which amp is recommended


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Aug 10, 2019
So I am in the market for a stereo setup that is decent for Music.
  • My usage will be 75% Music(APE and FLAC) 15% movies 10% gaming music is most probably on vocal, classical and sometime pop.

Since I just get me an EMU 0404, and i have a tight budget. Which amp just can get me a pair of bookshelf Diamond 9.1

  • NAD C325bee
  • NAD C315bee

i only have a chance to listen the demo on NAD C315Bee in my area.So any other recommended amp in this budget? or just either one of this amp is suitable to what i going to listen. Which cable will be recommended to hook up the setup?

Help me out

Thanks for reading this far.


Either amp will work with the 9.1. How did you find the demo with the C315BEE?

Is there something that you're looking for that wasn't there? Whatever those wants are, indicating them will give people here a better idea of which direction to point you.

If you get the chance, listen to the most number of gear that you can. That way, you can distinguish the type of sound that you are after.


Thanks Stagea.

Because that are the only shop i can have an auditioning in my current area but it carry few models of amp as well as speaker..so my choice will be very limited.The price will be much higher.

other speakers which i can find in my country but can't do auditioning is like AE Aegis Neo, MA BR2 and others.So far i only doing budget hifi setup.

I actually what i wan is just warm and transparent and detail sound...no need too much bass. As i know bookshelf speaker have lack of sound stage compare to floorstand speaker,rite?

u can give any recommended setup for budget hifi i try to find a place to auditioning it.



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