WHF staff: Your thoughts on new LCD models coming up - buy now or wait?


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Aug 26, 2007
An unfair question for Andrew & Clare and all at WHF.... But, from what you've seen at Vegas etc are the next gen models so much better than the top dogs of today? And what sort of price levels do you think we'll see? I've decided on a KDL32 -D3000 from Sony (ousting the TX32-LXD70 from Panny as you can turn off the 100mhz motion engine processor), but as it's so near to the new models it's a tough time to buy. Yes prices are coming down for the best models of today, but you never know what's around the corner (well you do - we don't )! Having said that I've heard Sony won't be ousting the D3000 as it's flagship 32" anytime soon? Is that true folks?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
In simple terms at this kind of press event we get a two minute look of a TV set up god knows how - usually at full 'everything to 11' hyperdynamic setting - under harsh show lighting and usually running the kind of material chosen to make it look at its best.

You know the form: nice slow pans over bowls of fruit or the face of an immaculately made-up model, or perfect azure blue sky beach scenes or tourist sites with slow-moving fake train road-cars and happy happy smiling people waving.

All of which tends to tell you buggrall about how the TV will look in real life circs with real programming.

So frankly we can't tell you very much until we get the tellies into the test rooms and give them a good kicking. Watch this space...

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
I can confirm we will have three new season-sets - a Samsung (size and series as yet unspecified!), Panasonic (one of the new 32in Full HD models) and Loewe (Connect) on test for our May issue, out April 3rd.

In the same issue, we'll also have both an overview of the key TV technology trends for the year plus a detailed, brand-by-brand look at who's bringing out what, when.

Re Sony specifically, last year they did two releases of new sets - around April and October time - so they're likely to do the same again this year.


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