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Aug 10, 2019
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ok so my igrados broke again after getting 2 replacements under warranty but sadly the year is up so i'm faced with either buying another pair (no dice with build quality like that) or trying my hand at fixing them up myself.

both of my previous problems were with the cable, or connection rather, either failing at the jack end or transducer end so i thought if im replacing the jack why not beef the frankly weedy and fragile wire with something more robust.

However ive tried searching around for headphone cable and all i can find is cable that starts upwards of 200 odd quid with fitted attachment at both ends which is both out of my range and i think would be wasted on these cans anyway. ive seen sennheiser replacement cable which i guess i could chop the ends off to solder onto the transducer but im not sure as to their quality.

the other option is to make my own cable up, i found that maplins sell a metal jack (not gold plate like the origional grado jack) and seperate "high grade" shielded audio wire, says its OFC which i beleive is similar to the grado too.


so my question is does anyone know where i can get a gold plated jack and any onpinions on whether this maplins cable is going to be good enough to use?

or suggestions of where to get cable from.

any ideas?
It's still less than 2 years, & according to Sale of Goods Act & EU law, the retailer from where you bought the headphones from (& not the manufacturer) takes responsibility. Contact the retailer for a free replacement.


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