Where do I start?


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Aug 10, 2019
Okay so its been years since I needed to buy a Hi Fi system, the last system I purchased (1988 ish) was a QED A240 CD, with a set of Goodman Maxim Speakers. I'd still be using it, but moved to Canada recently and left it with the parents. Is there anybody out there who remembers the QED amp? I loved the sound the QED produced and would love to get something that offer that same warm sound. Anybody?

I've been looking at the Rotel RCA-1062, RDC-1072with B&W DM-685 Speakers.

But I also interested in the Naim 5i and CD5i not sure about speakers, which is better do you get what you pay for?

Planning to go listen to these units at the weekend, but looking for some guidance, without the pressure of the hard sell.


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Jul 28, 2007
If you like warm sound then don't buy Naims. They are very good combo but far from warm that I can tell you. The Rotel 1062 amp is superb....it's remind me of Krell! Lots of dynamic swing and solid bass, you will love it.


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