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Whats it worth? Pro-ject X-pack with Rhondo Red cartridge


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Aug 17, 2007
i have the above turntable that i am thinking of selling but can't find any examples on ebay - its in excellent condition and hardly had any use i also have the original packaging ect - what should i be asking for it?

the record spot

the original selling price was around £650, more recently this went up to about £800. It's a good deal, so forget about putting this on at £4.99 and waiting. The cartridge alone is £300, so my advice would be to split the set up and sell, individually, the cartridge and the t/t.

Depends what you paid, what you want, etc., as well as how much you are happy for Ebay/Paypal to whip off you in fees (which won't be chicken feed incidentally).

If you already have an account with them, try hififorsale's website (I hear there's been issues for new members signing up to sell, but existing members are apparently okay). Failing that, stick it on gumtree and also the Hi-Fi world classifieds too which are free.


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Jun 2, 2008
Not sure about that site.

Just seen a mint pair of speakers I know would easily reach £1500 on ebay advertised for only £500. The ad has been there since August last year.

Also the advertisers home phone and email are published for all the world to see, so just a little google-mongering could reveal the sellers exact address. Great for potential thieves to case your hifi goods and the address they reside at without even having to register or get off the sofa!

At least with ebay (and Paypal) you cannot get that info without registering and verifying all your details and the info is only passed privately between seller and buyer NOT the whole world!


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Mar 31, 2008
Good question. One year ago the asking price was £750 though I got mine for £700. It is now £800. The cartridge was worth £300 but didn`t it come down in price a short while ago?

Anyway, as it`s hardly been used I would put in on for £500. Bearing in mind the cartridge was actually free with the package which should retail at £1,000. There have been a number of people getting into/back into vinyl recently and to pick up such a nice turntable worth so much at half the value would I imagine make someone very happy. There must be some buyers around who were thinking of going in midrange who could suddenly find themselves the proud owner of a turntable that`s a rung above mid.

Good luck!

Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
I'm sure someone will. I just checked it out, it looks lovely. If I was a Vinylista, I'd be all over that like white on rice.


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Aug 24, 2007
Not just yet as I haven't picked the other one up yet...and I don't think the missus is stupid enough to mistake my dad's black one for your clear one either...not quite anyway...but then again



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