Whats a fair price for my TV?


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Hi all, In about a months time I want to upgrade my TV, but all is dependent on how much my current tv is worth. I cant find examples for sale anywhere, so dont know what to charge for it? I have no idea what TVs resale values are worth as Ive never had one worth selling before this one.

I will have about £400 to spend, and want to get to £600 ish so I can buy a Panasonic TXP42G30.

I currently have a Panasonic TX-37LZD70, link to What HiFI review is below. Is £200-£250 a reasonable asking price? Its in excelent condition with stand, remote and instructions. I think when I bought it in 2008 John Lewis were charging £700 ish




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Sep 24, 2007
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I think you might be a little optimistic at your valuation - I recently sold my 2008 Panny 46' plasma for £250. I think top end would be £200 but i real terms maybe closer to £175.


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Thanks guys. I think I will put up a cheeky £200 advert, and if it doesn't sell I will just keep it and save up for a bit longer. Doesn't seem worth loosing it for £150.


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