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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi I'm new here and I really need help. I'm looking to get a new t.v and have spent two weeks looking at them. I finally found something in my my price range £700 that ticked all the boxes http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/r/txp46gt30/0_0_0/ , but I cant seem to find it for that price anywhere as they are all out of stock. Does anyone know where I could get one for this price or something similar(with expert reviews) If not could anyone suggest a t.v I'm looking for 42"+ mainley for gaming and watching sd t.v Please help.


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Jun 20, 2008
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Seems a little strange that they're offering it at the same price as the 42".

I was on their site a few days ago checking some prices and I certainly don't recollect the 46" being at that price, and now that it is it's listed as being out of stock.


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Sep 13, 2007
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You won't get the 46GT30 anymore, i've done a thorough search and it would seem they are all sold out. The GT30 range is being replaced with the GT50 2012 range in the next few weeks, the 50GT50 is the first to arrive and the rest of the range should be arriving with retailers soon...but there is no 46inch model if i remember correctly so it's 42 or 50 this year and at your budget these tvs will be out of reach i'm afraid.

You can still get a 42GT30 for £699 with a 5year warranty included or if you could stretch your budget a little further a 50GT30 for £899 here:



The GT30 models are excellent tvs and would suit you nicely for what you want it for but with all the 2012 models now starting to arrive it's up to you if you wait for them to be reviewed or dive in right now and get a bargain, i paid £1000 for my 42GT30 last year and i remain very happy with it so i can definately recommend one.

I'm sure if you shop around there might be some even better bargains out there but in terms of performance you can't go wrong with a GT30 if you can get one, hope that helps.


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