What to expect from a sub?


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Feb 8, 2008
Just toying with the idea of adding a sub to my system, as apparently a sub can unload the amp and main speakers a little, allowing the amp to be in better control.

If this is true, how does a sub accomplish this and how do the lower frequencies not go to the main speakers still?

Also, my only experiences with a sub/subs is the irritating booming that seems to permeate every room in the house when played from the bedroom of the twit opposite.

I don't want to tick off the neighbours, but maybe the secret is in the quality of the sub and its setting up?

Your thoughts and experiences much appreciated.


the whole taking a load off thing needs a home theatre amp/external crossover only really found in pro audio.

tried to do this myself, with usual stereo hifi its very difficult x you need a capacitor, good luck to ya

if it is home theatre rather than stereo, just set the main and rears to small, crossover at 80hz to start an plug in the sub, lower frequencies are now handled by a sub.

as regards the boom thing a well set up sub doesnt make the system any louder just extends the range, so wont boom

myself, i just let it boom because i only turn on the sub when its really loud...and im not an audiophile, im a basshead :p



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