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Aug 10, 2019
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Can anyone help? my set up so far. home cinema. 50" samsung, onkyo sr605 receiver b&w 685 fronts b&w cc6 s2 ctn .I don,t know what surround & rear or sub to use. can,t afford much may spread cost over next few months, is it best to use same make speakers. what differance if any if i mix speakers,say 8ohm & 6ohm & make, would this be a bad thing to do .what about the b&w 686 as surrond & rears i need to hang them on the wall & they would stick out abit, are they good?has any one got them what do you think of them? .My room is only 3m x 5m. anyone with advice or a opinion much appreciated.....


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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi there, I recently purchased the B&W 685s as my fronts, HTM62 as center and M1s as my rears. It sounds fantastic! Ideally, you should stay the same manufacturer for all speakers, certainly for the front three, though you can get different rears if you need to, but demo them first to make sure they time well together.

I listened to the 686s for my rears and they sounded great but my issue was I didn't have room behind my sofa to get them far enough behind. They would have therefore basically had to be right next to my ears on either side of the sofa and when I demoed this, it was just too overpowering. Hence, I went for the B&W M1s for the rears - the sound was virtually indistinguishable from the 686s and they're much smaller so may fit better in your room as well. Have a look!


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i like to keep the speakers the same, but i would say the voice should be the same. But here we get into levels of fun. If you are purley after an AV sound then the speakers are best when they are the SAME. Where you have an stereo requirement from the front speakers then it is best to have the same voice "sound" from the rest of the speakers.


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