What surround sound speakers for my Sony DA5200ES


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I wonder if you can help a newbie? I am about to move into a new house that has an ideal rectangular room for home cinema (approx 16 feet long x 13 feet wide) - LCD TV positioned on the far wall. I have a Sony STR-DA5200ES receiver and I think I am going to splash out and go for the new Sony KDL-52X2000 TV. You might tell by now that I am a bit of a Sony fan, but from the reviews I have read I think I am justified. The problem I have is what speakers to use? I would like fairly flat wall mounted ones to provide good quality 5.1 surround sound. My missus is keen on the Sony SA-FT7ED package because they match the TV. A few suggestions I have had are: KEF KHT6000ACE B&W FPM6 (I have read reviews for the matching PV1 subwoofer and it seems great) Monitor Audio R250[/list]I am worried about just buying some speakers that look good and have good reviews, but then don’t get the best sound because they don’t match well with my existing kit.
What would be a good match (is my missus right)?
Many thanks for any advice.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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I'd expect the Sony speaker system to be a good match with the receiver, for all the obvious reasons, but not having heard it couldn't comment on its sound quality. Of the speakers you mention I reckon either the KEFs (or the bigger 9000 series) or the B&Ws would offer the best mix of performance and style, but you should also have a listen to the Tannoy Arena Highline 300 system, which is extremely good.


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