What stations do you listen to?

BBC Radio 3, 4, 5 Live, occasionally 4Extra; Linn Classical, Classic FM, and a smattering of others.

Never really enjoyed Local Radio for some reason. Suppose I’m more interested in the whole country and wider-world than some new shop opening or the A40 jammed up!


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I'm also an avid radio listener - waaay more so than TV viewing (films never).
Every single day (for most of my life) BBC radio has featured - selected R4 programmes must rank as the best in the world.
Listening to different views on radio phone-ins is always interesting (if frustrating at times).

Agree about your Solar radio comment. I paid someone £50 to sign up to Sky - then, after 3 months leave and give me the box....just so I could listen to Solar, which, at the time was on satellite only (subsequently tuned as 'non-Freesat' channels on Freesat boxes).

Still got Solar and Jazz FM, amongst others (including Radio Paradise, only really because its FLAC) as 'Radio Favourites' on my streamer.

I don't really think of those below as radio stations, although they label themselves as such.
But I have all the labels in a playlist - and often find myself jumping from one 'station' (label) to another, sometimes for hours, as there are always tracks that I (and you) know and love:


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Feb 3, 2023
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The Current, from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) is outstanding. A really great mix of all kinds of interesting music. Probably the best radio station in the USA.
Listened to Greatest Hits Radio top 300 most streamed tracks from the 70s, 80s &90s by UK artists.

Mmm... predictable choices veering on boring: the Pink Floyd track 'Comfortably Numb' sums up how this station makes me feel.

This is about the 3rd time I've listened to this station, all the presenters are those past their sell by date and as a consequence all the songs seem to be safe choices. (Yawn)


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Jul 31, 2023
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Used to listen to JazzFM.

But now listen to Jazz24, who are based in Seattle, USA.

No adverts, with basically the station Legal Ident at the top of the hour.

Nice, thanks. I appreciate the description and location and have added it on my device,

My own Jazz-without-ads contribution/suggestion is based in Argentina:
Jazz Café FM On Line.
Range of Bossa Nova and relatively smooth jazz. Only (n Spanish) station IDs, its local (Buenos Aires) temp & time, and occasional local artists' brief comments on their music, in my experience. Station IDs and quips are ads of sorts, I suppose, but that's it, and their frequency varies over the hours of transmission, which on my device/service reads 7:00 to 00:05. Nice music: Dinah Washington, If I Had You, from For Those in Love (per SoundHound) was just playing, and Wes Montgomery's Far Wes is on as I type.
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I've been working from my living room for over 3 years now and still listening to Chilltrax.com and it's a nice mix of chill, progressive and deep house, with an occasional 90s pop song thrown in.

The parent company got hacked recently and they were down for a week. I really missed the tunes and struggled to find anything similar.

My local commercial radio station is truly awful and 99% of their output is silly nonsense and unbelievable rap rubbish, mainly so teenagers can play this stuff on buses to annoy everyone.

Even though it's commercial free, I stopped listening to BBC radio, because of the annoying DJs. They love to play a track and then talk over it.

Nobody is sat there, waiting to press REC and PLAY and record some random tune onto a TDK cassette, even with the latest revival.

I can't believe they are still paying Steve Wright £360k a year to churn out the same trite banality he did in 1986 when he was on BBC Radio 1

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Aug 31, 2023
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I'm afraid the sad demise of Sir John Peel, Left me out on a limb. I was a van driver for the nineties, and listened to many regions. But, I am still stuck on the BBC.