What speakers for MF match?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Guys

I own a Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD/Dual Mono Amp combo and listen to a wide range of music from orchestral/opera through jazz/vocal to heavy rock/dance (ambient/chill out)...yeah I have issues...

I currently use a pair of Mission 783s but they lack 'music'...they are loud and they fill the room with noise...but they don't wow me.

I love the richness of great productions (Dire Straights - Love Over Gold), great vocals (Eva Cassidy) and chilled relaxation (Bent, Zero 7 or Faithless etc).

Deep base is an absolute must but so is sound stage and subtle resonance in the vocals.

Any ideas please? (Budget up to £1,000 new or second hand)


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Sep 9, 2007
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a bit over budget but new proac studio 130,pmc gb1,avi duo.all nice speakers that do a wide range of music very well,neat motive 2's are nice and i found the bass full and musical.andrewsdavidbabu thought they lacked a bit of bass but he listened on a different amp to your's but i thought i would mention this as his comment is advice after all and as you say deep bass is a must his reply should be given some thought.2nd hand brings the game up a level and there are loads to consider from castle, spendor and the ones mentioned above.i used proac studio 125's on the end of mf a50 monoblocks,xa1 and x ray cd player and loved them.i hope this help's.good luck,gregory.


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