What speakers do I buy?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, new to this site, so here goes my first post, not sure where best to start but here goes.

I am looking at upgrading my equipment again and am currently looking at a speaker package with Sub. I have a LG 37LF65, Denon 1907 Amp and a Sony DVD player which will be upgraded at some time in the future. Both TV and DVD are capable of full HD1080p.

There are a lot of speakers on the market that all do a good job and I am guessing will possibly all sound good compared to my existing speakers. Is there a level of speakers that I should be looking at to best match my Amp as i am sure you can over spec the speakers compared to the rest of the equipment and waste a lot of money and frustration in the process.

I intend to go round a few stores but all of them seem to agree on different points as I am sure we all would. it just makes teh matching of the equipment a minefield

I have a budget about £800 - £1000 but would also need ot get some decent speaker cable as well.

Woull appreciate your comments and thought

Many thanks for your time


Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
For £1000 the style system of choice is the KEF 3005 SE. If you can push your budget but a hundred or two further, you might be able to get a B&W MT-30 system. I own the MT-30 and can recommend it without reservation, although the 3005 SE is an award winner in its own right, and you might be able to find a deal on that also.

If you want a traditional boxy speaker package, check out the Q Acoustics 1050 package. A 4 star package with floorstanding front speakers for that extra oomph. Or the M.A BR2 package for £880.


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