What Price extended Guarantee?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have always believed that extended guarantees are basically a rip-off, but having said that I wouldn't really want to spend £700 plus on a TV set without having one...

So in short how much should one of these things cost? For example the Amazon.co.uk site offers extended guarantee for damage and breakdown up to 5 years at a cost of £124.99 Is that cheap??? Expensive??? Is it possible to get this type of insurance direct from the insurance companies and save some cash??? Or do you think it's a waste of money??

Grateful for the advice of anyone who has looked into this.



Bought my TV for £779 inc Vat. Still receive letters from Comet and Domestic General Insurance coaxing me to buy a 3 year guarantee for £150.00

I haven't bothered. In my opinion Guarantees are a waste of time and are indeed a rip off as you say. Buy a TV and pay almost another 20% for the priviledge of having an extended warranty?.

Economically it doesn't make sense. You essentially throw away your money when getting a Guarantee and for those who may think they're getting a free 5 year warranty from the likes of Panasonic and Pioneer and Sony...think again...the cost of the warranty has been built into the price of the product.

In the search field enter Warranty and that should bring up quite a lot of views written on the topic