what level of upgrade can I expect


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Aug 10, 2019
2 small children means I need to replace my floor standing Dali Ikon 6s with something I can get off the floor. I've looked around and am thinking about a pair of PMC tb2s-aii - and will look to use these with a Benchmark dac hdr and Squeezebox touch. This would solve my space/safety issue - but was wondering, is this an upgrade from my current Ikon 6s and Roksan kandy CD and amp, and if so, by how much.

Ideally I would like to take a step up




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Hi Paul

I notice you've had no replies yet, and I wonder if the PMCs are bit of an unknown quantity here. They seem to be from the Pro range, presumably because they are active designs. ATC are one of the few active ranges that get mentioned here (though I'm sure some others do too).

Not too familar with either of these speakers, but I see the Dalis have a ribbon tweeter and my hunch is, if you like that, that it will be hard to do without the same again.

Are you dead set on getting rid of your Roksan pairing too, as that is likely to cost you quite a bit in depreciation? I realise if you are determined to go the streaming route the idea of a couple of small boxes, plus smaller speakers must seem attractive. That said, quite a few folks seem to swap standmount speakers for floorstanders with kids around, so there is less risk of toppling. You must be trying to avoid little fingers...?


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Feb 8, 2008
I would imagine the PMCs to sound just fine, they have a good reputation and following.

I have Dynaudios and really like the fact that I have less boxes due to them being active. The clarity and control with actives over any passive that I have heard, is quite noticeable, but is a very different sound to 'hi-fi'.


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Jul 14, 2010
I've never heard the PMC's myself but I have heard a few other actives and think that they are much better than passives. Have you auditioned them yourself to see what you think?


Thanks for all the useful replies. Swapping to stand mounts would allow me to place in the corner. It's not just small fingers damaging that concerns me - with 2 children and all their toys, and 2 dogs I'm losing the battle for floor space and this would allow me to tidy the lounge up a bit. The PMC seems to support being wall mounted which would be even better.

I'm reluctant to replace the Ikon 6s - I'm very happy with them, and will end up costing me to replace them. So my thinking was that if it was going to cost me a lot just to replace I'd see if I could get an improvement in sound at the same time, and therefore thought that actives might suit better. If I simply bought a pair of £1500 passives, then I presume my amp could do with upgrading. Actives seem simpler.

The PMCs appear an improvement - would they be able to fill a 6m x 6m room the same as the Dalis can.


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Feb 8, 2008
The PMCs have over a 6 inch mid/bass driver and whilst not a totally scientific answer, I believe that they would project just fine. I would be inclined to have a listen for yourself though, if at all possible.

I would not recommend my Dynaudios for a room of your size, for example, but the next model up (BM6As) would do a lot better.


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