What LCD to buy with £1000???


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

Im new here and have never posted before.

Ive got no more than a grand to spend on a nice flat screen TV.

Ive been looking at 32" LCDs as I think this is quite a nice size.

The one I was thinking of buying was the Sony KDL-32V2500 that seems to have good reviews.

Although I did notice for a little more I can get the Sony KDL-46V2500 which I am tempted by.

Before I waste a massive amount of money can someone tell me Im doing the right thing, or be brutally honest and tell me Im choosing the wrong TV and guide me in the correct direction.

Thanks a lot,



I would have no hesitation recommending the Panasonic TX32LXD700. Had mine since release in May and I wouldn't trade it for any other set. At just under a grand I think it offers the best sound out of the box and an awesome picture. I have to say live sport looks better on this screen than on any other I've seen. One thing I find on most LCDs is the grass looks dead on fooball/rugby pitches, not so with this set. Maybes that's just me though. I always see the Sony picture as too red (don't know if that has changed) and it annoys me. Also, the sound always feels too bassy to me. But that's just my personal opinion.

I'll also admit I used to work for Panasonic and have a ludicrous undying bias towards them. Not that I think it's a bad thing to have bias towards them since they keep churning out some top sets.(perhaps excluding the 60/600 range).

Samsung have also got some good LCDs out at the moment. In fact you can pick up their 37 inch WHFSAV 5-Star (August issue I think) LCD set from Play.com for about £650 when I last checked. Not a deal to be dismissed so easily.

Just check your connections are adequate.

(Pretends to know what he's talking about)


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