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What kit for £500 for cds, mp3s and tv/dvd surround sound?


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Aug 10, 2019
I have a new flat, a new hd tv with sky, cds and an ipod and about £500 quid to spend on ?amp ?cd player ?speakers that will produce good hifi sound and be good enough for home cinema purposes (presumably i don't need both hifi and homecinema systems?)


Are you looking for a surround system that can also play enjoyable music, or a 2-channel music system that will play movies decently?

If we're talking a total of 500 quid for everything and movies would be the main priority, bundling something like this might do all the things you've mentioned:






Remember that this won't bring high fidelity music, but it should still play it enjoyably nonetheless.

the record spot

Likewise, with the above, is this a multichannel set-up you want or stereo?

Anyway, here's a few suggestions too:-

CDP: Sony CDP XE370 (£99 Superfi).

Speakers: Only one choice for stereo speakers for me here given the budget: Q Acoustics 1030i floorstander (£139 Superfi or Richer Sounds). Excellent manufacturer.

Amp: Harman Kardon HK980 stereo amp (£249 Superfi or Richer Sounds again) which will give a good balance between the likely slightly brighter sound of the Sony.

There's quite a few options out there and you might also consider going down the secondhand or ex-demo route as your £500 will go rather further. My amp (£200) and my speakers (£80) were Ebay purchases and my CDP was half-price in a sale. Total cost just under £600 but shopping new, I'd have been handing over somewhere around three times that. Shrewd shopping will get you an excellent stereo set-up.

Multichannel is a slightly different issue and you'll typically get a better music performance using a dedicated stereo amplifier.

Lots of options though at the price and do check out some independent hifi dealers as well, some offer good deals, you just need to scout round a the web a little to pick up the good ones.



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