What is wrong with my centre speaker ??


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Feb 20, 2008
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I am running a Tannoy Signature Revolution system which includes the Tanooy Revolution Signature DC4LCR. About a month ago my wife 'accidently' tipped a can of red bull into my AV amp!! which after later examination had destroyed all the processing circuitry in the amp. At the time I believed all the actual amps were still working fine except the centre channel which seemed to have lost all top end.

I have now a new Pioneer SC-LX85 AV amp but when I set this up I have exactly the same issue with the centre channel meaning the issue is with the speaker itself. I do recall when the red bull incident happening there was a 'white noise' coming through the centre channel increasing in volume until I turned the amp off, and I can only imagine this damaged the speaker.

The speaker is not bi wired but to try and diagnose the problem I took the terminal links off the rear of the speaker and tested each input individually (low then high) the low end comes through fine but when testing the high end there is nothing!

I just wonder if you would know if this would be an issue with the crossover, or with the actual drivers/coils ?

and how easily / expensive would this beto resolve ?

John Duncan

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Could be anything, from blown crossover to blown tweeter to some loose wires behind the terminals.

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