What home cinema package to accompany Plasma TV, Sky HD and PS3


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm about to acquire
the above list of components (fairly typical I would have thought) and am pondering the best options to extend this to cover home cinema sound.

The Sky box and PS3 will give me all the Hi-def TV, DVD and BlueRay options I need (and use up both available HDMI sockets) and if I could, I'd quite like to avoid trailing wires to the rear speakers.

My choices appear to be

1. All-in-one home cinema system - although the DVD playback would be redundant (got the PS3 for that) and I'm not sure I could pipe the Sky/PS3 sound through this?

2. AV amp plus seperate speakers - although not sure if wireless rears is an option with this?

3. A sound projector (eg Yamaha YSP900/1000)

I have a limited budget (around £500 max). Any suggestions as to the best way to go, models to consider etc?

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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For £500 (max), you could get two Award winners: the Onkyo TX-505 receiver and the Jamo A102HC55 speaker package. No wireless rears, but a lot of performance for your pounds (certainly far more than a comparably priced all-in-one solution).

The Yamaha YSP900 (list price £600 but available for @£450 or even less) is a decent virtual surround solution - OK, you'll have no wires, but you'll also have no true surround sound, not to mention a lack of lower-frequency 'oomph'.

The choice is yours....


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Sep 6, 2007
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I can vouch for the Jamo. I have a similar standard receiver (Sony STRDA2100es) and the sound from the speakers is superb. The sub is great too with 200 watts. The speakers also look more like £1000 efforts rather than £250.


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