What Happens below 63Hz


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Feb 20, 2008
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On my (and Most) AV Receivers there is the room EQ section which I beleive is 9 Band, 63 Hz being the lowest frequency which can be altered. When I perform the room EQ in MCCAC (pioneer) the 63Hz is lowered by around 4dB.

My question is in terms of the EQ curve, if their was a graph showing the entire frequency response of the speaker (my L+R go down to 28Hz) would the response level off again to 0db in the 30s and 40s Hz or would the cut at 63Hz mean everything below that frequncy will also be cut by 4dB ??


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Dec 11, 2008
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Hello Mate

MCCAC deosnt equalise below 60htz as you have pointed out - it doesnt eq your sub either.

If you run a reverb measurment where you sit and look at the results in the free advanced MCCAC sotfware you will see the freq reponse of your speakers in your room

Your speakers are very likely booming due to where they are placed hence why mccac is lowering your eq for 63htz

In repsonse to your question - without eq then the freq reponse will i am sure in theory return to 0db - however you will most likely not be getting 0db of the freq's below 63htz if they are booming, these freq often boom / mode in a room


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