what do i need to complete a samsung LE37R87BD home cinema system?


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi everyone,

this is my first ever post so please be gentle! i am thinking of purchasing a complete home cinema system to compliment the samsung LE37R87BD that i am about to order and was wondering if anyone can recommend where to start. hopefully i can get a decent sound sysetm and DVD recorder as a complete package, with the samsung single remote control feature if possible. however, on looking into this ive found a good HDD/DVD recorder (Samsung DVD-SH855M HDD/DVD Recorder) but are yet to find a good speaker package that eithier

1. doesnt come with an inferior DVD player already (not a recorder)

2. isnt intrusivly big (not much space hence the 37" telly).

i understand that i can purchase a HDD/DVD recorder, AV reciever and seperate speaker system and bolt the lot together but i would much rather get a complete system if such a thing exists.

Another problem is also price. anything around £400 + is out as i have to justify it to the missus and thats not easy as most will understand especially when im about to spend money on replacing our ("perfectly good" crt that cant play dvd`s because the scart mech is bust and constanly turns the sound down! BAH!).

therfore my main areas of need are;

must be a good 1080i upscaling HDD/DVD recorder (preferably samsung to suit the proposed TV).

Must have a small speaker size (especialy at the front where space is at an absolute premium!)

must be cheapish.

should look nice too instead of resembling a volvo (i.e. piano black or similar etc).

Am i suffering from wishful thinking here or is there a package / system that is staring me in the face but im loooking in the wrong places? any help / advise / experience would be very much appreciated. thanks.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Hi Adrian, welcome aboard, and don't worry - we don't bite!

The only all-in-one system we've tested with a DVD/HDD recorder (250GB) included is the LG LHWH 9601A which was around £650 when we tested it back in Feb last year. It has the added advantage of wireless rear speakers, is finished in piano black and we gave it a solid 4 stars.

Only problem is the surround speakers are very tall (if slim), so might not fit your space.