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What Ampfiller for Q Acoustics 3050

Jun 9, 2015
First of all hi all :) It's my forst post here.

I am looking forward to buy either Q Acoustics 3050 or Tannoy Revloution DC6T SE and both speakers are affordable for me.

I am tinking to buy Arcam FMN A19 ampfiller as it collected Best Stereo Ampfiller award 3yrs in a row and it's on affordable price.

However on the same review Hi-Fi scared me by saying that this ampfiller require's a careful system matching so I decided to ask here.

Is Arcam FMN A19 a good ampfiller for speakers mentioned above or should I look for something else instead (like Yamaha RX-V677 for example) ?

Or should I look more forward for Home Cinema Ampfiller instead of Stereo Amfiller ?

I am going to use them mostly to listen to the music because for movies I have Sound Bar and I am not going to extend it to 5.1 however occasionally I may use them to wath the movies.

Also, if anyone would be so kind and explain shortly differences between "Home Cinema Ampfiller" and "Stereo Ampfiller" it would be great :)


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Jan 22, 2014
Hi Michal

Welcome to the forum!

Good choice on the Q Acoustics 3050s. Price-wise, the Arcam A19 is the highest we'd go with these speakers, and, to settle your uncertainties, are a good match for them.

You don't mention what source you have, but if it's one that's of (or near to) the Arcam's caliber, go for the Arcam. If you're using a more budget source, we'd be tempted to go for a cheaper amp like the Marantz PM6005, which would also suit the 3050's character.

Hope that's of help.

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Nov 23, 2007
The Arcam will match either the Q 3050 or the Tannoy Revolutions nicely, and it is a great amp. However, there are more flexible options coming on to the market now such as the Yamaha R-N500 network receiver and the Cambridge CX-A60 amplifier. Both of these have digital inputs, and the Yamaha also offers Spotify compatibility, network streaming, and internet radio. Worth a visit to your dealer to hear some different options, study the capabilities/features, and make the right choice for your needs.


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Jun 18, 2014
Id take the tannoys over Q acoustics as they are a much better speaker

Id go for a stereo amp over an av amp if your mostly into stereo music and not 5.1 sound.

The tannoys were a £1000 speaker when new and good speakers dont loose quality but as they are at end of production they are cheaper so thats my reason for saying to go for the tannoys instead.

I also think youll get a better sound if your using an arcam A19 driving the tannoys


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Apr 19, 2011
For me the Tannoys sounded like a weak version of a Wharfedale 155, never heard the q acoustics 3050 still seems a much better choice than the tannoys, but what about the new Monitor audio bronze 6? The Arcam a19 seems like a safe choice.


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Jan 5, 2017
Hello everyone,

are there any new recommendations which amp best suits a stereo pair of Q Acoustics 3050?

I bought a pair of 3050es and they do not realy shine, which is not that surprising since I still use a not realy highendy Kenwood KR-A4050 amp on them.
I have connected them two way, and have not jet tried a 4 way connection (4 avaiable amps in the KR-A4050).

I am always willing to spend a fair price for compelling equipment, but would be happy, if I would get something not that expensive.

I like to hear all kinds of music including quite heavy drone doom or electronic dub, but as long as Beth Hearts "Jazz Man" or some nice Vance Powell blues production shines I am fine.

By the way:
Which maximum cable length would you recomend using?
I am only used to balanced signal transmission from the audio production sector and, as you might have recognized, not jet so much into the hifi world.
Nov 22, 2014
There is only one sure way to answer your question, and thats book yourself a demo and try them, you cant rely on reviews, no matter how many times they win awards, it simply wont suit everyones taste, same with speakers, with so many possible combination its just impossible to recomend anything other than to get a demo, if possible, they are all great products in there own right, but how they will sound to you, will be different to what it might sound like to me, hence why we all end up with different combinations, and then there is you taste in music, this list goes on really, sorry :)

Plus the Yamaha RX-V677 is no match for a dedicated stereo amp, but that's not to say you cant get it to sound decent enough with a few tweaks, like bi amping the speakers for starters, or/and adding a power amp at a later date funds permitting that is, its all about getting the right balance for you needs, so spend wisley, and dont get to hung up on 5 star ratings etc, trust your ears ;)


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Jul 18, 2016
I use a marantz pm6005 with Q acoustics 2020i and absolutely am delighted with the sound. I know the 3050 are quite a way up the food chain, but most reviews state Q acoustics have their own sound, so I'd imagine the marantz with them would just sound fuller and better.

Why not try a marantz pm 6006 and see how it goes. A demo cost is free


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Jan 5, 2017
Thank you.

Yes, thats what I will do now, check things out.
Well my 90es Kenwood amp definetly does not seem to drive the 3050es nicely (although I will trie the 4 way connection).
There is such little bass in that big boxes, as the overall sound is at the very most OK. That should not be what these consistently well reviewed speakers where ment to sound like.
And if I work on it with the internal EQs, well, it sounds like what cheap, nonparametric EQs sound like. Like a bad solution in the wrong place :D

I will test a Onkyo A-9010, since it is everywhere well reviewed, realy cheap and I can get this even at the ordinary electronics market here. And If that does not work I will check out some Marantz stuff.

Thank you again for your opinion.


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Mar 6, 2013
with my 3050s and am thrilled but very little recent experience to judge alternatives against. Have you run-in your 3050s? I did hours of face to face out of phase running and they were still showing improvement eons afterwards.


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Apr 30, 2012
Hi. Whatever you do, try to audition (find a dealer that also has your Q Acoustics). For my ears, Marantz (5010 reciever) + Q Acoustics (3050 + 3020 surround system) sounded way too bright. The Onkyo (only if it's the UK version, with no digital inputs) might be a better match. Also Nad (even the older C326), or, if you can treat yourself, an Arcam A19. But, again, audition.