what amp for rx6


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Aug 10, 2019
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hello I seek best association for the rx6 j' would like to keep l' idea of 2 encintes and a power station but for me the musical side is trsè important j' had listened to l' association rx6/Cambridge 650 and the sound was super very hot but I find that Cambridge misses a little functionalities several choices:1) An audio-video amplifier like Marantz SR5006 for example to connect a Hifi amplifier there with entry Bypass a such Atoll IN80 or Marantz 7004.2) The new audio-video amplifier Cambridge 551R Azure or the 650 R on which I connect a reader network such Nad C446 for example or Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 or Pionner (less expensive nevertheless) since I wish nevertheless to have a tuner and Webs radios even if I do not know really what that gives in made sound…. 3) An audio-video amplifier such Marantz SR6006 or Arcam AVR400 or Denon 3312 or yamaha 2010 simpler because not of office plurality d' apparatusI do not know s' there is real different between the amplifier hifi pre selected and the video amplifier in term from musical quality, which remains important at home the part is clear, tiling, placos, windows, I must thus also hold account in the choice of itthank you for your councilsI am French thus sorry for the faults of translation


hello i'm looking for an amp for monitor audio RX6.

i'm using mainly in audio and little in home cinema.

i thus seek a great musical quality i have seen : marantz sr7005 denon 3312 arcam avr 400

what will be the best match? thanks


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