What amp can receive component in and output through hdmi?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Guys. My kit is as follows

Amp - Yamaha RX -650, Tv Samsung PS50hd, speakers - maurdent short seperates (5.1) sky hd through hdmi and also through components are my xbox with hddvd, Nintendo wii and finally which i use a lot my archos 704 wifi with dvr station.

My question is which amp can recieve the 3 component ins and also my sky hd via hdmi in output all of these through the 1 hdmi output (approx 10metre) to my samsung tv?

Currently i have a switching unit that changes my component to hdmi when i want to wach either wii, xbox or hddvd however its a pain that i have to keep changing the wires each time.

So any suggestions to a newbie would be great. I wanted the onkyo 605 but apparently this will only output using the same input ie component to component etc, is this true?


Thanks thats great to know its possible. I beleive the 805 is around 800pounds, anyone know where to find it under 600poinds or know of another cheaper amp that does the same?