What am I doing wrong with my set-up? Please help!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a Tosh 42 LCD 1080p. Connected to this is my PS3 via HDMI and when the PS3 is not in use, and we're watching SDs or Sky+, the HDMI is into the DVD player for the Samsung HTX30 Home cinema system! I have the RCA? (red & white cables) going out from sky+ into the inputs of the home cinema system for the sound and have recently bought an optical cable to output sound from the PS3 into the optical in on my home cinema.

However I don't seem to be getting any sound from the PS3. Where have I gone wrong? I've went into the settings on the PS3 and adjusted it to output sound from the optical instead of the HDMI.

Would love someone who has a similar set-up to mine to post a note of the settings they have for the PS3!

Been pulling my hair out all night tryin to figure this out!
Thanks in advance!


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