Question What £5,000 amp?

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Sep 19, 2017
Yes and for the same reason I think NAD's C298 could be a good value power amp at 'only' £1700.
Match that with a decent pre/ streamer.....might be a better way to spend £5k.
I do actually own the NAD C658 which is a really good streamer/dac pre-amp and had considered that option.
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Nov 22, 2020
Can highly recommend All Ears suggestion of Luxman L507uxii. RRP £5800, but £5000 from Nintonics. They also gave a generous trade in on Marantz PM14 and have a personal delivery service so no DPD lottery. Mine had JAL air cargo stickers, so no weeks in shipping containers crossing the equator twice! Sure the AS3200 is a fine amp. Both analogue class A/B with VU meters. Still the way to go, imho.
edit to add.. I had MA floor standers, 952 gold and studio20 se for 28 years. Don’t see why they would not pair well.
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With a 5k budget I don’t think I’d give NAD a first look.
I'd have probably thought the same about NAD (even though I was happy enough with their original 3020).
But it's those Purifi class D blocks that might make the C298 more than just any old NAD.
(Same old NAD visual appeal though).

Agree that one of Musical Fidelity's bigger amps could be worthy of consideration.
(Another of those brands where you read a review - and want one :love:).

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If I had that sort of money musical fidelity mx8 would on top of my list. Along with luxman and higher end sugden masterclass amps. But that would be pipe dream atm, maybe one day.
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Based solely on a review I read, I think the Hegel H590 might be good. Then I remembered that one is £9000
Also at a similar price level (£12.5k) it was based on PF's review of Audionet's WATT and coupled with my experience of their SAM20SE that pretty much convinced me to also bring the WATT into play. Glad I did because boy did this article hit the nail on the head -

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I'd be interested to know why you consider Luxman and MA not to be a good match - with apologies to the OP
To be honest, I'm not sure. However, I've not read anyone ask about that particular combo on any forum. However, I have heard Luxman and WB Discovery and it sounds a wonderful mix to my ears, but in the grand scheme of things... who knows?
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I just realised that nobody has mentioned this lovely Copland.

Its slightly less powerful brother for £3998 might be more than adequate - as would the sleek Primare I35 Prisma for the same price - and the Copland actually strikes me as good value when entry level Krell and Mark Levinson integrated amps are north of £7000.

Another one that’s bang on the target price is the Hegel h390, though it’s lack of analogue inputs has previously put me off this brand. Not the sound though, which seems to be about an even handed as anything at the price.
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