Wharfedale's new flagship Elysian speakers are finally available in the UK


Feb 12, 2020
Last week I got my Elysian 2s. Here are my thoughts: the cabinets are beautifully done and the stands compliment them quite nicely. The included instruction manual are poorly done and generic. As for sound they take some time to break in and there is no guidance on placement from a back wall for the bottom pass port. They are highly detailed, warm and full compared to the Linton’s I used to own. I also do not consider them bookshelf speakers. Although they are rated at 25 watts they need powerful amps to drive. I have a Prima Luna integrated and at lower volume levels performance drops off.

Are they worth the money? Speakers are a matter of personal choice but as good as they are I do believe they are slightly overpriced. They come packed in classic Wharfdale cotton bags with white gloves but they could have done a much better job with the instructions. For example they are ready for biwire but there is no instructions on how to use the enclosed biwire bypass cables.

I was also puzzled by the foam in the bass port. I thought it might be packaging but after calling found out they are dampers.



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