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Wharfedale Diamond 220 v 9.1


New member
Oct 7, 2008
How does the latest 5* version of the Diamond series compare to the older Diamond 9.1?

It's obviously a different design, but to what extent does it sound better/different to an older model from 10 years ago (also 5* in its time, even Product of the Year).

Just wondered....


Well-known member
Jul 25, 2008
As I am wondering the same issue, I google and found this thread without response.

It's been 12 years I get involve in HT system, to me the Diamond 9.1 remains the best speaker I've ever had. Unfortunately, finishing part is terrible, veneer started to peel off due to age. That makes me think of building new speaker cabinet to resolve this issue.

I had audienced Diamond 10.1 and Diamond 220 at a hifi shop, I found the 220 was slightly brighter than the 10.1. The Diamond 10 series on the other hand was a bit brighter than Diamond 9.

Anyway you can't judge the true performance from having a short session at hifi shops, you need to take it home and audience it at your comfort place for at least one week.

I also have DX-1 HCP package. This speaker have tonal quality that very close to Diamond 9.