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Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 & 9.4


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Aug 10, 2019

Before I start I appreciate that it's this sort of question is often asked over and over so i'm sorry about that.

Anyway I'm looking to get a new pair of speakers to replace my ageing missions that used to belong to my dad. I have a £200 upper limit as i'm an impoverished student and I will largely be playing mp3 (awful of me, i know) through an external USB sound card from my PC, so there wouldn't be a lot of point in getting extremely high end stuff anyway.

I have been considering the diamond 9.1s. I know they are well respected, and my housemate has a pair and they sound good. However I have a fairly large room that has three solid walls but a big bay window and a fairly thin floor. Considering i'd have to buy stands if I got the 9.1s, do you think it is worth getting the 9.4s? I can't seem to find much about them - do they have all the good points of the 9.1, just in a floorstanding body? Or are they generally considered not quite as good?

I prefer the look of floorstanders and i guess they'd have a bit more authority in a large room like mine. However, if they have bad points that the 9.1s don't have, i'll get the 9.1s, particularly as they would be more versatile in the future should i move to a smaller room and i want to put them on shelves or something.

Thanks for reading and sorry for such a clumisly worded questions.



Check this, me giving hifi advice

What I can say is that I recently replaced a quite old system that had massive speakers and the 9.1s easily do a better job.

I was so exited I made a YouTube video as I unpacked and connected everything together.

You can see the size of our front room here and the 9.1s can fill it without trying.

In fact the other day they filled the house with some wonderful 'blues' music LOL

Here is the link:



In my opinion the BR2's pack far more punch, have more detail, have much more grunt, and just sound so much more exciting than the Wharfedales and so I would recommend that even if you do like the mentioned speakers, audition these also if you are set on getting bookshelves. If however you can accomodate them (floorstanders that is) see below


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Jul 25, 2008
Diamond 9.4, I think if they use the whole tower from top to bottom for breathing space while air ducts located just beside the bass driver, sound might be terrible.

But if they don't use the whole space inside the tower for air breathing, i mean if there is a block beneath the air ducts level to separate top space and bottom space, sound would be good.




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