Water Leakage From New Samsung Sky+ Hdc Box


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Aug 10, 2019
As Per Above Subject Strange But True Apparently ?!

Coming From My Neighbours Box ( New Samsung Unit ) Has Had A Couple Of Sky Engineers Out Over the Last Few Week to try sort the Problem 2 New Boxes some Fiddling with Cabeling & He was asked to " Raise " the box slightly on mats Later and still no Joy ?!!!!!!!

The Problem lies From The RF1 Outlet Cable were ther seems to be some small spots Of Condensation dropping out & seeping on to the av rack ? ( Very Strange If You ask me ) The Picture seems to be effected, Breaking Up Periodically ?

Just wondered if anyone had came across the strange set Of Circumstances as Sky are Baffled ?

Many thanks in advance Rgds Colin


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Jul 31, 2008
Sure it's the rf1 and not rf2 out, with cabling running to a magic eye on another tv set by any chance or even the satellite feeds from the dish.The reason i ask is i have seen these problems before and are usually as a result of cable damage externally somewhere(cable's run over roof's a prime example) and allowing rain/water ingress into the cable and travel along it's length until it reaches the STB with the inevitable damage resulting.


Like daveh says external cable damage is the most likely, the cable has a capilliary effect and draws water in, ideally the cable needs replacing or if the damage is minor some self-amalgamating tape may suffice. It could be the connection to the LNB is dodgy, again few turns of self-amalgamating tape does the job. I'm surprised the sky engineers didn't suss this. If you do re-use/repair the cable I'd be inclined to put a join in it below the sky box that'll let the cable drain.

We had a 285 meter drum of 400mm single core flex that someone left with the end exposed in the rain for some time once, the cable sucked the water 50 meters along it's length, every time we cut it water would dribble out...


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