Wanted - DVD player with component and optical outputs....


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

I am after a DVD player with component and optical outputs.

It must also have decent CD playback.

Can anyone recommend a unit?

Thanks in advance,



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Dec 28, 2007
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What sort of budget do you have?

I would definitely look at getting a Blu-ray player - they're so cheap nowadays, it's a false economy to get a DVD player in my opinion (unless you're looking on the used market, in which case you could get an older high-end DVD player for a song if you're willing to look around).

First and foremost, I've not heard or seen any of these to say for sure on their performance. However, for a small budget, this Pioneer looks like a good deal, and has some decent reviews on its Blu-ray, DVD upscaling and music performance. It may not be as good as some of the newer budget players, but it does have component and optical outputs, whereas most of the newer players unfortunately are missing one or t'other.

For higher budgets, I'd be looking at the likes of the Marantz, Cambridge Audio or higher end Pioneer players personally (or perhaps an Oppo?) - a trip to your local dealer will allow you to demo a few models so you can compare their relative musicality and DVD upscaling abilities.

John Duncan

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Cambridge Audio 650bd is where I'd start if you can still find one and want excellent CD playback (and SACD and DVD-Audio as well) - I understand the 651BD isn't quite in the shops yet, though I know Richers are advertising it. Unless you're feeling really flush, in which case the 751BD looks tempting...

EDIT - bloody good deal on that Pioneer though, it has to be said...


Thanks for your advice folks.

I want to connect the player to an old projector that outputs SD only. It will take a HD signal, but it will downscale it to SD.

I am aware of some DVD players with digital coaxial out, how does this compare to optical?

Thanks again,