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Newbie audiophile partnering equipment for KEF E3 Metas

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It's total BS, and that's according to my local Naim dealer. He says to avoid Naim speaker cable like the plague.
It has the necessary inductance to ensure the amplifier stays stable. I’m not saying I agree with that aspect of the design, but I’m copying the manufacturer’s published guidance to protect the poster from destroying his amplifier. It’s pretty standard shotgun copper stuff iirc.

A Naim dealer might well be able to recommend an alternative from Chord (also in Wiltshire, not far from Naim) but otherwise I’d not risk it. You’ll note many of the current designs don’t carry this warning. Personally I’d heed it.
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Jun 5, 2024
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Thanks everybody! I'm grateful for the advice and will heed it.

I've asked the Van Damme cable supplier if he knows if the cables work with the NAIM NAP 200 DR. I'll see if I can find out the exact inductance and capacitance values and compare these with Nac A5, and maybe ask NAIM if they can give me the requirements for the amp.

There's little definitive information around about this, which is a situation that needs to be addressed really. I suspect NAIM are still carrying those warnings on modern amps because of some EU directive and they are stable in reality regardless of cable, but I agree certainty is needed here.
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