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Want to buy a tuner, please help!


New member
Aug 10, 2019

I currently have two B&W 685 speakers with a Rotel RA-05 amp. Now I want to get a tuner, but can't decide which one to choose. I've got FM radio through my cable television company, so that's completely noise free high quality "cable radio" (don't have to worry about antennas and stuff like that).

I saw Rotel has a RT-06 tuner which will perfectly fit in my system, but compared to other tuners it's very expensive and I can't find any reviews of the tuner. Does anyone know something about it? And can you recommend me something?

Thanks in advance!!!

Kevin Stephens

New member
Apr 16, 2009
First. a good tuner with a good OUTSIDE ariel will produce even better sound on Radio 3 FM than Radio 3 routed from a cable box and DAC. Same for R2 late night specialist music prgrammes (not so for Terry Wogan and Chris Evans, which I guess are processed to be more suitable for car radios etc)

I was very surprised and pleased to find this after keeping my old tuner in a system upgrade.

My 15 year old MF tuner was expensive at the time and sounded rather lack lusture in my old system but has come alive with new amp and speakers, much better than cable router via my Dacmagic. I don't know about the Rotel RT-06 but I gather it is DAB and FM. DAB will be a lot worse than cable radio so I guess a good part of your investment would be wasted? Maybe if you want a good FM tuner it would be better to go to another make and/or second hand for an FM only unit?