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Want the Rega Brio-R however, it has no EQ - any decent alternatives?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys,

I am currently using a budget Sony integrated amplifier (TA-FE370) to drive a pair of Monitor Audio BX-2s in my recording studio.

The audio interface I use on this particular PC is an M-Audio Firewire Solo (one can only assume the DAC is good on it).

I'm pretty much sold on the Rega Brio-R (from the glowing reviews and price). However, I cannot help but think I am going to miss the hardware EQ which most integrated amplifiers come with. Would the Rotel A-10 be a better bet or is it quite a step down in terms of sonic quality?

Any thoughts on this?



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Nov 23, 2007
The Rega is an excellent amp and, given its finely judged balance, you shouldn't really need tone controls.

However, if this is an important feature for you it might be worth trying the new Denon PMA720AE, which Ed Selley recently rated very highly in another magazine, as one of two amps which have impressed him the most under £500 (the other is the Rega).

Also worth investigating would be Onkyo's new A-9050 amp (with built-in Wolfson DAC), the Pioneer A50, the NAD C326BEE, or the Rotel RA10 you mention (or, if you think the internal DAC could be useful, the RA11 or RA12).

Plenty of choice out there at present, although I think you would struggle to better the Brio-R below £500.